Saturday, February 2, 2013

February already???

Is it really February already? I love how fast winter is going by because it's not my favorite season, but the other seasons are going just as fast! In just 2 weeks we will be driving to Georgia/Florida!! Vacation here we come...

Last year I made a little Valentine station for all of us to take the time to send a little note of love or encouragement through the month...Autumn reminded me yesterday it's time to get them out again! A digging in the basement I will go!

Found our family mailboxes!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bedtime for Levi...

The other night it was bedtime for Levi and I walked him upstairs and did or usual routine (brush teeth, say prayers and laid him in bed)...Levi knew daddy was working and was pretty creative with a reason to sleep in mommy's bed! He started to whimper and it went like this:
Levi - I can't sleep in my bed.
Me - Why not?
Levi - Because there is a black stinky shoe in my bed.
Me - A black stinky shoe? Where?
Levi - under my covers hiding.
Me - I don't see it.
Levi - it has one eye and talks to me.
Me - what does it say?
Levi - I don't remember.
Me - well we prayed and asked God to protect you so no need to worry! He is with us!
Levi - well, can I sleep in your bed?
Me - No! But Alex can sleep on your floor if you want him to.
Levi - ok.

Alex slept there and as they were falling asleep I could hear Alex telling Levi how God was going to protect them and no need to fear!! So sweet! Levi continued to talk about the "one eyed black stinky shoe that talks" for a couple of days...pretty descriptive for a 3 year old!!! He cracks me up!!!

Snow Day!!!

Kids had a snow day yesterday... We slept in and stayed in our pjs ALL day!!! In the afternoon we put snow pants and boots on and went out to play! The weather has been crazy again this year in Michigan! 2 inches of snow one night and 42' the next day! Rain last night with a high of 56' today...crazy!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Soccer soccer soccer!!!

We are in full soccer mode...practices have started, my duties as manager of Alex's teams and co-manager of Autumn's team are keeping me busy planning the schedule and gathering paperwork for our upcoming tournament and season!!

All 3 of the kids are excited to get started with practices but that just means driving all around town dropping off and picking up!!

I love it! I love it all!

Today I was talking to Alex about the U11 black team and blue team... Levi said, "When I get older I will be on black, blue and white!" so cute...especially when there is no white team!! He cracks me up!!

So...cleats, shin guards, balls and water bottles get ready cause the Neville kids are ready to play!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Camping with friends...⛺

Friday the kids and I packed up and went to Camp Dearborn in Milford to spend the weekend camping with friends!
Swaggerty's...Mike, Katie, Ethan, Luke, Malachi and Clayton! Begley's...Salena, Bryson and Keelin! Yurich's...Josh, Ginny, Jackson, Vivi and Charlie! Curry's...Amy, Abigail and Alise! Wright's...Jana and Aliyah!

We had a ton of fun! Salena and I got there early in the afternoon and set up two for the boys and one for the rest of us! It was hot so we spent the late afternoon at the beach then went back to make pizza pies! We stayed up way too late chatting with friends and finally I was in bed by 2am!
Saturday was spent at the beach and pool and then making Hobo Dinners! The big kids all brought their scooters/bikes and had an adventure all around the campground! We went up to the Cantina for ice cream and dance party...what a sight we all were out there!! :)
Sunday we woke up and cleaned up camp before some time fishing at the pond!
We came home exhausted and relaxed the rest of the day and went to bed early! I was really excited for a real shower!!
We laughed at old memories and made new memories! Great weekend with special friends!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Levi's first haircut!!

Today I took Levi to my friend Lisa for his first haircut! He loved sitting in the chair and watching in the mirror! It looks cute, but he looks so big now!! 😞

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Home again...

What a great week of vacation!!! With so many adults and kids in one place there is bound to be some drama and excitement every day!!

My favorite was really not having anything to do each day except have fun!

We woke up Friday and headed back home... Ellen and he girls came in our van with Levi and the boys stayed with Rob and Josh to fish with Mike Phail! Sleeping in my own bed was nice that night and we all slept in on Saturday morning!

Unpacking and reorganizing before Ryan comes and we head out again but to Erie this time!!!